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“Tweet” Management - How to Gain Control of Your Inbox

The “tyranny of the urgent”. We face it every day as risk and claim managers with a barrage of social media, headlines, email and texts. Almost 50 years ago, Charles E. Hummel chronicled this phenomenon in daily life. He could never have imagined then how much more chaos is being created today by digital communication.

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Does Your TPA Understand Your ERM Objectives?

Most Third Party Administrators (TPAs) profess to understand their clients’ needs and challenges to provide the lowest possible costs associated with casualty, health and disability claims in an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) environment. 

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U.S. CFO Council Releases ERM Playbook

On July 28, 2016, the Chief Financial Officers Council (CFOC) and the Performance Improvement Council (PIC) released a document entitled Playbook: Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) for the U.S. Federal Government. The document is designed to provide key concepts for a comprehensive and effective ERM program to meet the requirements of the revised OMB Circular A -123.

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Blackburn Group, Inc. contributes to the world by designing and creating Enterprise Risk Management and Claim Settlement Products and Services. We are recognized by A.M. Best Company as a Recommended Expert Service Provider in the Insurance and Financial industries.

Our Enterprise Risk Management and Claim Settlement Solutions include Risk Profiling and Benchmarking; Predictive Risk Analytics and Modeling; Total Cost of Risk (TCOR) Modeling and Management including Total Cost of Risk Calculation, Total Cost of Risk Definition Development, Total Cost of Risk Formula Development, Total Cost of Risk Worksheet Development, Total Cost of Risk Analysis, and Total Cost of Risk Insurance; Accelerated Settlement Medical Cost Projection Solutions; Medicare Set Asides (MSAs), Medicare Set Aside Trusts, Medicare Set Aside Accounts, Claim Management and Claim Settlement Solutions; Life Care Planning; Legacy and Chronic Claim Solutions; Regulatory Compliance; Claim Auditing; Quality Assurance; Insurance Management; Loss Control; Risk Education and Training; Risk Management Strategic Planning and Business Development; and Insurance Underwriting Management.

Our firm serves companies, self-insurers, insurers, reinsurers, brokers, captive insurance company domicile managers, actuaries, third party adjusters, nurse case management companies, attorneys, and their clients. Additionally, we have pioneered the use of technology to simplify the enterprise risk management workflow, decrease costs and improve the quality of programs throughout the industry. Our primary areas of concentration are all Casualty, Health, and Disability programs.  To support our professional services, our RiskPro® technology solutions include a suite of products and services delivered through applications on Internet-based platforms.

Blackburn Group, Inc.   RiskPro® is a registered trademark of Blackburn Group, Inc.