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Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) - The Continuous Assessment/Profiling Project

We have recently updated our current organizational risk profiles to include advanced analytics for your benefit. Call us to gain control of your risks!

Our current mapping project has now revealed even more factors which have a direct impact on an organization's risk andclaim costs. Depending upon an organization's utilization of advanced risk management analytics and techniques, we are showing a correlation between the use of key processes and procedures and enhanced outcomes and results. By employing, measuring, and continuously monitoring certain key risk management factors, we are providing our clients tremendous cost savings from their current approaches.

Interestingly, there are over 600 different major factors which we have found that determine the outcome of a risk management program over time. We have been able to measure how and why certain organizations have extraordinary results versus their industry peers, and why other organizations simply meet the average expectations, or are laggards. Our analytics, findings, and assistance have led to significantly reduced loss costs for organizations who are willing to explore these factors. Additionally, we are partnering with several companies to assist in the continuous monitoring of programs for optimal performance. Call us for a free consultation to determine if your organization would benefit from our specialty risk analytics and benchmarking programs.

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