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ERM News - Accenture Publishes its 2013 Global Risk Management Study

zebrasAccenture Publishes Its 2013 Global Risk Management Study Recently With Focused Analysis and Data From Worldwide Organizations.

In Accenture's 2013 research study of 446 organizations, they found that risk technologists and regulatory change program managers are reported as being in short supply. Organizations are increasingly using innovative techniques, such as rotational training and combining risk and strategy roles, to help improve these qualities as well as to help improve retention rates in an increasingly competitive talent market. Organizations also cited the challenge of improving the ability to turn data into insights. The volume of data is increasing, as is the number of systems, reporting tools and end-user applications, they reported. Four distinct conclusions emerged from their study including:

  1. Treat risk as a "people game," developing risk staff with business acumen.
  2. Look ahead, as new types of risks are relentless, and develop capabilities that match tomorrow's risks.
  3. Manage regulation through a transformational lens.
  4. Focus on insight, not just data and analytics, and develop the "human element" of risk technology.

For a full reading of the Accenture Study which is packed with important Enterprise Risk Management data and analysis, please click here.

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