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ERM News - Hanover Stone Partners Announces Two “Can’t Miss” Whitepapers to Help You Budget for 2015

Concerned about budgeting and funding your 2015 programs and initiatives?  With a network of 45+ Senior Advisors and 30+ Partner Firms, Hanover Stone Partners (HSP) delivers the complete spectrum of risk management consulting and services. HSP has developed two documents to help risk managers and financial executives streamline their budgets for the next fiscal year.


Budget Blasters 2014

Developed by industry veterans with more than 30 years of experience in risk and insurance, HSP’s Budget Blasters 2014 includes ideas and recommendations to help risk managers cope with tight budget constraints and bring additional value to their organizations in 2015. Whether you are looking to gain a better understanding of your enterprise's Total Cost of Risk or simply reduce administrative burden on you and your staff, Budget Blasters is a great resource for your library.

Top 10 Risk Management Capabilities

If you're wondering what areas your peers in the risk management community are focusing on to reduce costs and improve outcomes, HSP's Top 10 Risk Management Capabilities whitepaper is packed with helpful insights for your ERM or cost saving initiatives. The document describes some of the most asked-about capabilities HSP has to offer, and will help you identify important issues and services that should be considered as you finalize your budget for 2015.

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