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New Benchmarking Factors for RiskPro®

Learn more about how our advanced RiskPro® diagnostics will help you understand more about the key factors which affect your operational risk programs. You can finally control of your risks!

We've been testing and applying several new factors recently which will now be included in our RiskPro technology benchmarking production platforms. Organizational behavior diagnostics have long been part of the "soft" sciences of risk analytics. We have now correlated several new algorithms to our databases to show that organizational behavior, attitudes, and culture have an enormous effect on reducing loss costs over the long term.

Interestingly, there are over 600 different major factors which we have found that determine the outcome of risk programs over time. One such factor is the organizational culture and management's attitude toward risk. The spectrum of "risk tolerances" have an enormous effect on future outcomes.

We have been able to measure how and why certain organizations have extraordinary results versus their industry peers, and why other organizations simply meet the average expectaions or are laggards. Our analytics, findings, and assistance have led to significantly reduced loss costs for organizations who are willing to explore these factors. Additionally, we are partnering with several companies to assist in the continuous monitoring of programs for optimal performance. Call us for a free consultation to determine if your organization would benefit from our specialty risk benchmarking programs.

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