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The New Alternatives for Employer Sponsored Affordable Health Insurance

In a recent survey by the Conference Board CEO Challenge, it was found that Human Capital is the number one challenge globally.

In the survey, it was noted that U.S. and European CEO's were concerned about finding ways to reduce their baseline costs. Additionally, U.S. CEO's said they are very averse to government interventions including health care. As organizations prepare for the open benefit enrollment period later this year, consideration should be given to the new alternatives for health insurance. Combining defined contribution programs with private insurance exchange technology could offer a way for most companies to reduce their baseline costs for employee benefits.

Toward the goal of describing the emerging strategies for health insurance, Booz & Company offers an interesting article called "The Emergence of Private Health Insurance Exchanges - Fueling the "Consumerization" of Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance. For a full reading of the article, please click here.

Additionally, as part of a risk management plan to protect the organization and private exchange, CIGNA offers an informative whitepaper about stop loss insurance. For a full reading of the paper, please click here.

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