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April 2020





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The health and wellbeing of our associates, families, partners and clients is very important to us at Blackburn Group. During the pandemic we have employed our business continuity plan including remote job-sharing functions, integrated communication and computer technologies.  Also, we are supporting clients with outsourced risk and claim management functions as needed.  Please contact us with any questions or comments you may have during this difficult time. We thank you for trusting Blackburn Group with your business needs, and we will always strive for personalized care and excellence throughout this crisis and recovery process.


Robert J. Blackburn, Managing Principal


Risk and Claims Management During a Pandemic

  • Risk and Claim Managers are facing significant pressure to support organizations during this difficult time.  If you have employed your pandemic plan, are you optimizing outside resources to create stability and opportunities for your organization?  We can assist you.  Read more >>

    More Risk, Claim and Healthcare News …

  • State Data and Policy Actions to Address Coronavirus.   States are taking aggressive action to slow down the spread of the novel coronavirus and prepare their health care systems for dealing with those who become ill with COVID-19, the disease the virus causes.  A Kaiser Family Foundation tool features state-level data on COVID-19 cases and deaths, state policy actions, and data about health coverage and provider capacity within each state.  View article...

  • New Lancet Study Models Physical Distancing on Outcomes of COVID-19.  On March 25, 2020, researchers published an article addressing the effect of control strategies to reduce social mixing on outcomes of the COVID-19 epidemic in Wuhan, China.  View article…

  • Medicare Offers a Coronavirus “Toolkit”.  The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has provided a list of resources related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak for various affected support people and beneficiaries.   View article...

  • CMS Publishes a Proposed Rule for MSP Penalties.  On 2/18/20, a proposed CMS rule regarding the imposition of civil money penalties (CMPs) for Medicare Secondary Payer reporting obligations was published.  View article...

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