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RiskPro® Newsletter - August 2010

newsletterBenchmarking Your Risk and Claim Programs utilizing RiskPro®

Are you concerned about how all of the recent changes in the law and economy may be affecting your risk and claim costs? Recently, we have added several new measurement capabilities to our RiskPro platforms that allow us to correlate current practices of our clients programs to gain optimal results. Very often this independent analysis is the catalyst to commence a transformation from a traditional risk management program to state-of-the-art enterprise risk approaches.

Our Life and Health Insurance Practices Continue to Grow

Our Life and Health Insurance practices continue to grow with the addition of new licensing, technology, and services to support our Medicare Set-Aside, Life Care Planning, Long Term Care, and associated financial planning programs. All of our services are meant to compliment one another so that you receive a seamless, cost effective program without the headache of coordination. Please call us for a free independent best practices analysis for this area of your business.

Liability Medicare Set-Asides

On July 1st the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service (CMS) requirements became effective for all liability settlements meeting their criteria. When the Plaintiff is a Medicare/Medicaid beneficiary and the date of incident is on or after December 5, 1980, Liability insurance (including self insurance) and no-fault insurance claims are, by law, primary payers to Medicare/Medicaid. The most prudent way to consider Medicare's/Medicaid's interests and to insure that the settlement does not affect the Plaintiff's future Medicare/Medicaid coverage is to use a Medicare Set-Aside. Call us for a free consulation.

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