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August 2020





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We hope all of our clients and friends are doing well during this challenging time.  Some of the areas around the country and world continue to experience a difficult environment to live and work.  Please continue to be safe.  We thank you for trusting Blackburn Group with your business needs, and we will always strive for personalized care and excellence throughout this crisis and recovery process.


Robert J. Blackburn, Managing Principal


Accelerated Claim Management During a Pandemic

  • Risk Managers, Claim Managers, Adjusters and Attorneys are finding ways to coordinate settlement agreements on behalf of clients during this time.  Our teams are supporting a variety of situations including Lien Management, Medical Cost Projections, Strategic Bill Reviews, Medicare Set Asides, Structured Annuities and related products and services.  Courts are now starting to slowly reopen (or support video conferencing) in an attempt to support these cases.  What are the key advantages for these activities now?   Read more >>

    More Risk, Claim and Healthcare News …

  • Experimental COVID-19 Vaccine Protects Nonhuman Primates. On July 28, 2020, the National Institute of Health announced an experimental vaccine to prevent coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).  The vaccine induced robust immune responses and rapidly controlled the coronavirus in the upper and lower airways of rhesus macaques exposed to SARS-CoV-2, report scientists from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), part of the National Institutes of Health.   View article...

  • China-backed hackers targeted COVID-19 vaccine firm Moderna.  On July 30, 2020 Reuters reported that Chinese government-linked hackers targeted biotech company Moderna Inc, a U.S.-based coronavirus vaccine research developer in a bid to steal data, according to a U.S. security official tracking Chinese hacking.a report by the World Economic Forum showed Risk managers expect a prolonged global recession as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.  View article…

  • Economist Says COVID-19 Likely to Strip Profits Out of Work Compensation.   On July 24, 2020 the Claims Journal reported that the workers’ compensation line is unlikely to generate a profit this year and may not recover in 2021.  Steven N. Weisbart, senior vice president and chief economist for the Insurance Information Institute, said carriers did not factor in the cost of COVID-19 claims when they filed this year’s rates because the disease did not exist.  View article...

  • Medicare Is Scheduled Run Out of Money in 2026 On April 22, 2020, Medicare reported that the Part A Trust Fund would start to run out of money in 2026, which was the same projection as last year.  However, the projection in 2019 did not include the impact of COVID-19 on the trust fund.  View article...

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