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RiskPro® Newsletter - September 2010

newsletterBenchmarking Your Risk and Claim Programs utilizing RiskPro® and RiskMap®

We're very happy to announce a new Strategic Partnership with Cantor and Company, and the associated products and services delivered through the RiskMap® (RiskMap® is a registered trademark of Cantor and Company) infrastructure. We are utilizing the programs to establish an additional independent exhibit for continuous client risk profiling. Additionally, we continue to build our RiskPro® analytics in all areas of risk program design and claims to transform traditional risk management programs to state-of-the-art enterprise risk approaches. Call us to learn more about how our solutions will help reduce your risk costs!

Integrated Claim Settlement Assets

As many of you know, we have spent the last two years investing in the acquisition and development of claim settlement products and services that allow clients to compress casualty costs. Our products and services now include Advanced Risk Analytics and Benchmarking, Expert Compensatory Damage Studies, Life Care Planning, Medicare Set-Asides (MSA), Structured Settlements, Custodial MSA and Life Care Accounting, and Special Needs Trust Development. We will provide a free analysis to determine if any of these products and services may assist you eliminating cost, waste, and/or redundancy from your risk and claim management programs.

Structured Settlements and Associated Settlement Resources

Structured Settlements are the hot "new" choice for end-of-claim administration. All of our Life and Health Insurance practices continue to grow with the addition of new licensing, technology, and services to support our Medicare Set-Aside, Life Care Planning, Long Term Care, and associated financial planning programs. Our Structured Settlement services are meant to compliment our other practices so that you receive a seamless, cost-effective program without the headache of coordination. Please call us for a free independent best practices analysis for this area of your business.

Do you have an integrated medical, legal, and financial service team who is dedicated to your needs for every case? We pride ourselves on our honest appraisal of your cases and programs, and are confident that our products and services can reduce your risk costs in this area of your business by 10%, and more in most cases. This could translate to significant earnings or surplus for your firm each month. Call us for a free consultation about how our products and services can benefit you now!

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