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One of the most important goals of all organizations is to become and remain financially secure. Continuous systematic risk profiling and management is one of the best ways we know to achieve it.

We provide products and services for the complete global deployment of enterprise-wide risk and claim management solutions. We will help you improve the quality, productivity, and effectiveness of your organization by reducing risk costs up to 40%. We deliver clear, unbiased, and reliable solutions because we are independent of the traditional risk, insurance, and claim delivery systems. Our resources meet the highest level of trust, integrity, and capability.

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Risk Assessment and Mapping

The Property and Casualty Insurance Industry Continuous Risk Profiling and Mapping Project.

Earlier this year, we commenced an ambitious project to determine the key factors affecting an organization's operational risk profile. After thousands of hours, and hundreds of interviews we are beginning to understand and develop key factors, and sub-factors, which drive risk costs. By utilizing our award winning RiskPro® technology and over 30 years of operational risk data, we have designed a risk map which can provide a helpful foundation to understanding an organization's basic risk profile(s).

Through our deep understanding of underwriting criteria and claims, we have gained unique information about the inner workings of organizational risk, conflict resolution, and associated cost measurement. Our technology and practices have led to clear "pictures" of how far an organization has evolved in their operational risk management development.

We then focus on a client's organizational risk map to identify areas for further assessment, management, and mitigation. Please continue to visit us to learn more about this ongoing project.


Strategic Opportunities

We are currently seeking strategic partners throughout the insurance and claim industry to help them enhance their clients operational risk management results.

We serve self-insurers, insurers, reinsurers, brokers, captive insurance company domicile managers, actuaries, third party adjusters, nurse case management companies and attorneys.

With thousands of projects and clients who believe our programs have provided them with the "secret formula" for continued success, please call us for a free consultation about your specific needs. We can provide you with a "back office" through our private label programs, or participate with you directly as a recognized source of risk management quality and integrity.

Call us today! We would be honored to help you and your clients gain greater success for their programs!


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