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RiskPro® Products and Data

Our Suite of Technology Products and Data Provide a Strategic Platform for Your Most Challenging Risk Issues.

All enterprise risk management industry participants rely heavily upon information to perform their roles and to serve their constituents. The delivery of risk management, insurance, and claim solutions require consistent, accurate information be shared confidentially across a large and fragmented industry.

We provide a broad range of general and custom underwriting, claims, and loss control applications and information that support key risk management, casualty, health, and disability insurance transactions. The components of these application suites can be combined and modified, or supplemented with new application components, to provide custom solutions for large, complex, multi-entity business enterprises. Our products and services are deliverd through the RiskPro® Core, RiskPro® Health and MSA RiskPro® brands, including our Total Cost of Risk and What Is Your Claim Worth applications.

These applications and services are tailored to a clients specific needs, so you may be assured that you will only pay for what you need. We provide twenty-four hour, seven-day-a-week support services for all of our products and services.

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Strategic Risk Analytics

Your Data Can Now Be Transformed Into "Best Practice" Methodologies for Risk and Claim Cost Compression!

We are offering our new strategic risk analytics product and professional service platforms, called RiskPro®filer™ and RiskPro® Optimizer, which are transforming the risk and insurance industry by eliminating unnecessary risk costs. Our 35 years of data and experience are being utilized to allow self insurers and insurers the opportunity to gain valuable insights into individual programs or claims, thereby eliminating the excess loss and administrative costs normally associated with traditional programs.

We provide a broad range of general and custom applications and information, including underwriting, claims and loss control that support key risk management transactions, delivered directly or through professional service companies. The components of these application suites can be combined and modified, or supplemented with new application components, to provide custom solutions for large, complex, multi-entity business enterprises. These applications and services are typically provided on a transaction or subscription fee basis, which varies across customers and market segments.

When the company was founded in 1991, RiskPro® was developed as a specialized risk and claim management information system with associated services to analyze and manage an organization's operational and human resource risks. Recently, we have gained access to millions of records of medical claim data to assist in the optimization process. We utilize all of our proprietary and public data sources to benefit you and your operation. Call us today for a free consultation about your specific risk and claim management needs!


Risk Management Operations

Take Direct Control of Your Risk and Claim Operations by Employing RiskPro® Core.

Since our company's inception, we have served insured and self-insured clients by gathering all of their key underwriting criteria and claims, and transformed the daily management of risk into a strategic difference for them. They have enjoyed superior results versus their competitors, and consequently we have remained a quiet partner in their day-to-day operations. By mitigating and eliminating risk costs, it allows them to free up precious resources to invest in their operations.

While other systems have included lots of technical bells and whistles, they have never incorporated deep business value in their technology. We have a thorough understanding of a Risk Manager's issues that come through upon looking at the system. It's simple, intuitive and fast and gives Risk Managers a cost effective method of coordinating their exposure data and managing their losses.

What has always been missing in various insurance systems is structured data about the Client that doesn't have to be re-keyed by multiple intermediaries before being utilized by the Carriers. RiskPro® has been used at the beginning of a seamless process that passes information to Captives, Insurers, Reinsurers, and Alternative Risk Transfer mechanisms. It places enormous power in the hands of the Risk Manager and is warmly welcomed by major Carriers who are constantly looking for ways to acquire direct relationships with their customers. 

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