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RiskProfiler Products and Associated Professional Services

 RiskProfiler 25


Predictive Analytics and Modeling Solutions

Our Integrated Risk Profiling Product and Service provides a way for you to understand your programs.

The RiskPro®filer™ products and associated professional services will provide:

  • Independent Casualty, Health and Disability Program (self-insurance and insurance) component benchmarking
  • “Fast-track” value based analysis with a dedicated single point of contact
  • Unique “results-oriented” studies using our RiskPro® proprietary data and technology
  • Thorough analysis of the entire program, with complete unbiased and independent review strategies to understand and mitigate the key cost drivers of a program
  • Estimates of the expected program costs utilizing all available data, including our proprietary and public sources
  • Lower aggregate underwriting and claim costs, ultimately helping to lower loss and combined ratios utilizing our RiskPro® Optimizer technology
  • Mitigation of all types of losses especially legacy and chronic claims thus contributing to the reduction of outstanding reserves by 20-40% from project start to finish
  • Execution of your Best Practice Guidelines by accelerating the entire compliance and cost reduction solutions process

The Value Equation

We have found that organizations that are employing advanced teams of people with specialized technology are far outpacing their peers in reducing their aggregate insurance costs, and ultimately their loss and combined ratios. An integrated approach which measures the underlying cost drivers is essential for optimal program management.

Recently, we have enhanced our RiskPro®filer™ technology to identify and analyze the costs that comprise the key components of a program or claim(s) including underwriting factors, anticipated medical damages, loss of earnings, liens, general damages, mitigating factors, and associated allocated costs. Using our extensive best practice database of over 8,000,000 claims valued at over $540 Billion allows our clients the comfort of knowing their program or claim will gain the best possible outcome with every project.

By employing an integrated, specialized approach to these efforts, our clients are able to create:

• Optimal program designs including progressive in-house or TPA services and practices

• Innovative medical cost analytics to identify areas of possible savings

• Advanced medical cost analytics and projections for ongoing optimal performance

• Benchmarked underwriting and claim reserve and allocated expense planning with integrated RiskPro®filer™ technology

• Health and wellness planning and management with associated technology and professional service support

• Life Care Planning

• Special Needs Planning and Development

• Associated Financial Planning

For example, if the historical detailed underwriting and claim data are analyzed and benchmarked with other programs, the outcomes will be able to be incorporated into an updated and proactive design for the self-insurance and insurance programs. By using a unique and integrated insurance approach, and an extensive results-oriented, technology-based benchmarking capability with experienced clinical teams, the final total costs of a program are significantly reduced while quality and satisfaction are enhanced.  Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 585-586-4530 for a free consulatation about your specific needs. 


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