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RiskPro Core Products and Associated Professional Services

Our Integrated Suite of Products and Services Provide a Strategic Positioning For All of Your Most Complicated Insurance Risk Issues.

We provide focused technology and professional services for your operational risk and claim needs. To stabilize and reduce the costs of your insured or self insured programs, we understand the need for an experienced team of qualified practitioners with strategic analysis and control applications. We may be the team you are looking for to assist you in reducing your costs, thereby enhancing outcomes for this strategic component of your enterprise risk management environment.

Are you or your clients seeking advanced methods for analyzing and managing the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) programs and related costs?

Have you or your clients' explored alternative approaches that may include various progressive techniques to manage the risks?

Do you or your clients need a product to better manage your Enterprise Risk Management business by means of an open, flexible, customizable application?

If your answer is "yes" to any of these questions, we would like to introduce you to exciting new risk management resources that can potentially offer significant cost savings to you and your clients. The products and services offer more direct control over the risk management process, while continuing to safeguard all currently self-insured or insured risks. Blackburn Group, Inc. has over 38 years of experience in the operational Enterprise Risk Management and Claim Settlement Solutions business. We are the developers and distributors of the RiskPro® risk management business applications - fully customizable technology that serves as a simple one-stop repository for storing risk profiles, insurance policy data, risk retention data, claim data, and reporting. Our applications and services are delivered on a customized basis for customers specific needs so that you only pay for what you need. We provide twenty-four hour, seven-day-a-week support services for all of our products and services.

The RiskPro® Core products and associated professional services will:

  • Help manage one or all risks that benefit from alternative risk management and/or insurance techniques
  • Assist in choosing which alternative risk measures and insurances will be a best fit for your company or organization
  • Structure the necessary balance between risk retention amounts and insurance to maximize savings
  • Estimate all risk costs for the program(s)
  • Provide a tool for managing all areas of operational risk management in an optimal manner
  • Integrate RiskPro®filer and RiskPro® Optimizer technology and professional services to eliminate risk costs


Product Specifications

Your Data Can Now Be Transformed Into "Best Practice" Methodologies for Risk and Claim Cost Compression!

We are offering our new technology products and professional service platform, called RiskPro® Core, which are transforming the enterprise risk management and insurance industries by steamlining underwiting and claims into a common environment. The products and services will provide support in the following areas.

General ERM Planning & Development

Planning, promotion, and coordination of a systematic and continuous investigation of risk exposures

Evaluation of each risk profile's cause/nature, frequency, and severity, and further measures the potential impact on the organization

Planning and organizing of appropriate risk control and finance techniques to efficiently optimize the impact on the organization

Implementation of risk management techniques both internally and externally with loss control organizations, insurers, and other risk specialists

Application of all other related enterprise-wide general, financial, strategic, operational, and hazard management processes and techniques related to risk

Continuous mapping of risks across the enterprise for determining the degree to which these risks, either by themselves or in correlation with other risks, create impediments to the organizations' effort to achieve strategic objectives

General ERM Administration

Determination of appropriate risk levels and negotiation of the purchase of risk and/or insurance contracts

Coordination risk and insurance documentation including risk management procedures and other related matters, such as high impact claims, state filings and other required insurance, statutory, or third party information

Preparation, management, and monitoring of risk budgets

Directing, monitoring, and maintaining data for all risk profiles

Coordinating and monitoring interaction with third parties such as brokers, underwriters, insurance representatives, claim adjusters, lenders, clients, and customers

Training, motivating, and evaluating staff in relation to risk analysis, control, and measurement

Developing safety and loss control programs to minimize the accidental or inherent risks of the business operations

Loss Portfolio Transfers (LPT) for obligations with historical retained loss programs (e.g., deductible, self-insured retention (SIR), captives, etc.) to a third party

Areas of Specialization

  • Enterprise-wide Risk Management and Claim Solutions
  • Real-time ERM Profile Development
  • Underwriting Data Development and Management
  • Risk Assessment / Analyses / Audit Findings
  • Risk Identification, Assessment, Retention, and Mitigation
  • Specific Risk Matrix Development
  • Aggregated Risk Matrix Development
  • Risk Scoring Development
  • Qualitative and/or Quantitative Assessments
  • Frequency/Severity Analysis
  • Financial Years Modeling
  • Multiple Risk Impact Analysis
  • Actions, Controls, Fallback Planning
  • Analysis and Reporting
  • Standard Reports
  • Ad Hoc Report Development
  • ERM Knowledge Base Development
  • Linked Documents Modules
  • Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
  • Custom Scalable Applications

Since our company's inception, we have served insured and self-insured clients by gathering all of their key underwriting criteria and claims data, and then by assisting them to transform the daily management of risk and claims into a strategic difference. We assist them in creating state-of-the-art, outcome-based programs tailored to their specific needs.

We assist specific risk profile development including Property, Business Interruption, Liability, Workers Compensation, Automobile, Directors and Officers Liability, Employment Practice Liability, Crime, Fidelity, Environmental Liability, Excess Liability, Short Term Disability, Long Term Disability, Health, Accident, Life, and associated Stop Loss Insurances.

Call us today to maximize your daily effort by employing the best team of independent case management practitioners in the health and disability management industry!

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