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The Patient's (and Family's) Role in Chronic Condition Management

Education, planning, regular checkups, appropriate treatments and medications are the keys to controlling the chronic condition.

In a recent article by Laura Landro of the Wall Street Journal entitled, Patients Can Play a Big Role in Controlling Chronic Ailments, several key conclusions include:

  1. Patients can't turn back the clock, but they can buy time by closely following doctors and care-givers recommended plans.
  2. Strictly following plans allows the patient to ward off other conditions, like depression.
  3. If patients (and their families) are active in their own care, outcomes are improved.
  4. Careful attention to lifestyle risk factors can make a difference. For example, to protect against kidney disease, eating less salt, drinking less alcohol and keeping blood pressure under control are critical measures to take each day.
  5. Small changes such as moderate exercise will help to slow the progression of chronic conditions or diseases.

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