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Medicare and Medicaid Set Aside (MSA) Solutions

Blackburn Group Inc.’s Medicare Set Aside (MSA), Medicaid Set Aside, and Claim Settlement Solution teams provide professional service accurately, timely, and within your budget!

Choose our independent, experienced team of professionals that are committed to work for you. We have over 30 years of experience in administering the entire Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and claim management settlement solutions process, from analyzing claims to supporting independent objective settlements. We understand and appreciate the importance of your time, and are available to compliment your existing resources in reducing your costs on each and every claim file.

Benefits of Service Include:

  • Inexpensive and efficient service for all of your most complex cases
  • Immediate verification of referrals, with appropriate communication every step of the way
  • Electronic Referral Forms delivered by our professionals or through our website for immediate action
  • Thorough review of claims, by obtaining the necessary information for written analysis that helps reduce settlement costs and keep Medicare Set Aside allocations at a minimal amount
  • Help from friendly representatives to determine the requirements for a MSA
  • Accelerated Settlement Medical Cost Projections to assist with your settlement negotiations in an efficient, independent manner
  • Preliminary Future Medical Cost Projections tailored to your specific needs
  • Conditional Payment and Lien Verification assistance
  • Lien Negotiations for all types of liens
  • Medicare Set-Aside (MSA) Allocation Report
  • CMS Approval of a Medicare Set-Aside (MSA)
  • Compensatory Damage Analysis and Expert Witnessing
  • Life Care Planning (LCP)
  • Causality Records Review
  • Custodial Medical Account Management
  • Structured Settlements
  • Complete data reporting to Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) utilizing our RiskPro® software and technology infrastructure
  • Persistent follow-up on each MSA Referral from initial submission until completion
  • Free Assistance with required Forms Preparation
  • Rush Services available in 7-10 days

Blackburn Group, Inc.   RiskPro® is a registered trademark of Blackburn Group, Inc.