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Our Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) History

Blackburn Group, Inc. is recognized by A.M. Best Company as a Recommended Expert Service Provider in the Insurance and Financial industries. We have also been recognized as the number one resource in the Risk and Insurance Management Society Buyers Guide for Settlement Solutions based upon readership choice for quality services. As one of the leading Independent Enterprise Risk Management firms in the country, our practice teams concentrate on hazard, operational, financial, and strategic risks. Our Risk Solutions include Risk Benchmarking, Claim Management, Loss Control, Regulatory Compliance, Claim Auditing, Premium Auditing, Quality Assurance, Insurance Management, Safety Management, Education and Training, Strategic Planning, Business Development, and Underwriting Management. We save clients 10-40% of their current risk costs by utilizing our unique products and services.

Our company serves self-insurers, insurers, reinsurers, brokers, captive insurance company domicile managers, actuaries, third party adjusters, nurse case management companies and attorneys. Additionally, we have pioneered the use of technology to simplify the risk management workflow, decrease costs and improve the quality of programs throughout the industry. To support our professional services, our RiskPro® technology solutions include a suite of products and services delivered through applications on Internet-based platforms. Additionally, MSA was founded by the firm as a specialized MSA risk and claim settlement solutions professional service and product company to address the needs of Workers Compensation and Liability claims under the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service requirements (MMSEA 111).

Our Specific Products and Services

Blackburn Group, Inc. offers comprehensive risk management services and solutions that allow organizations to identify, prioritize, and effectively manage all of their risks. An Enterprise Risk Management approach is intended to integrate risk solutions into all aspects of the business and decision-making processes. It gives the company or organization a uniform approach aligned with its strategies and objectives, allowing the company or organization to evaluate risk continuously to ensure that it is effectively identifying and optimizing its risks.

  • Strategic Design and Development of risk and claim management programs including Risk Identification, Planning, Mapping, Framework Definition, Analysis, and Mitigation;
  • Risk treatments including strategic planning of Avoidance, Reduction, Sharing, and Retention;
  • Compliance (Regulatory, Quality Assurance, Reviews) Design and Development;
  • Ongoing monitoring and strategic evolution of risk and claim programs, and;
  • RiskPro® infrastructure customized for the designed programs.

Blackburn Group, Inc.   RiskPro® is a registered trademark of Blackburn Group, Inc.