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Insurance Underwriting

We provide comprehensive exposure identification and management for all Property, Casualty, and Workers Compensation programs according to recognized risk standards.

Blackburn Group Inc.'s Insurance Underwriting Solution teams provide the best professional service accurately, timely, and within your budget!

Choose our independent, experienced team of Insurance Underwriting professionals that are committed to work for you. We have over 30 years of experience in administering the entire Insurance Underwriting Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) process, from analyzing exposures to supporting independent objective solutions. We understand and appreciate the importance of your time, and are available to compliment your existing resources in reducing your risk costs on each and every project.

At the strategic, financial, operational, and hazard Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) levels, we help our clients to develop a complete risk and claim management underwriting methodology to make certain that the interaction of different risks is considered during the underwriting process. We also advise on optimizing the costs and benefits of the underwriting process and maintaining adequate risk management protocols according to recognized standards. Blackburn Group consultants are highly-qualified licensed practitioners with expertise in the Property and Casualty Insurance industry. We identify and work with self insurers and insurance companies to develop programs that best meet the client's insurance needs.

Benefits of Service for Insurance Underwriting Solutions Include:

  • Insurance needs analysis and associated development of the most optimal programs to support your risk and claim objectives.
  • Risk analysis and monitoring utilizing our RiskPro® technology and data.
  • Access to both traditional and alternative risk transfer (ART) insurance markets.
  • Independent audits of all aspects of underwriting control according to recognized standards.
  • Consultation services, analysis and negotiation of complex risks and claims.

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