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We assist our clients to resolve Medicare Liens, Medical Liens, Medicare Set Asides, Medical Cost Projections, Medical Bill Reviews, and Section 111 of the Medicare, Medicaid, and SCHIP Extension Act of 2007 (MMSEA) Compliance across the United States.


We have used Blackburn Group for over ten years. Bob and his team are terrific. Blackburn handles all my law firm’s Medicare issues. This past year we had a complicated Medicare set aside issue, for example, and Bob and his team guided us through that issue seamlessly. They handled that issue and all other issues - which at this point involves hundreds of cases - expeditiously which is an added bonus. It’s nice to know that we are dealing with experts in this area and they have done right by my law firm and its clients for a very long time. I would thus highly recommend Blackburn Group for any personal injury law firm seeking guidance with Medicare liens, Medicare set asides and any other Medicare issue.

Gary J. Drucker, Esquire

Law Offices of Gary J. Drucker, P.A. in Boca Raton, FL

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Blackburn Group, Inc. helps attorneys and claim professionals with Medicare Secondary Payer Compliance so that their cases are settled more quickly and efficiently.


We have over 30 years of experience in every aspect of claim management to serve your needs.


Our company serves attorneys, self-insurers, insurers, reinsurers, brokers, and third-party adjusters worldwide.


Our long-term relationships with Medicare allow our clients to gain a strategic advantage for their cases.

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